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Oklahoma State University

Role of the Facilitator

Academic Integrity Facilitator

The role of the Academic Integrity Facilitator, as defined in the  Academic Integrity Guidelines for Students and Instructors is “to provide information about Oklahoma State University’s academic integrity policy and procedures, and serve as an impartial observer during the initial meeting between the instructor and student.  The facilitator does not act as a mediator or negotiator, but aids the academic integrity process by explaining the standard of proof required for an allegation and encouraging the instructor and student to reach their own conclusion after they discuss the evidence supporting the alleged violation of academic integrity.  The facilitator will describe the appeals process if the student and instructor disagree about the student’s responsibility for the violation or the appropriateness of the sanction and provide a copy of the appeal form.” Facilitators have been trained to understand that they do not represent either the instructor or the student - they are present to observe the discussion and provide information about the policy and procedures and appeals.

According to the academic integrity policy and procedures, only the instructor, student, and facilitator attend this meeting (in some cases, teaching assistants and faculty who supervise teaching assistants or instructors may also attend the meeting).  Under the old policy and procedures, the instructor and student met alone to discuss the case, however, the committee of students and faculty who created the new policy felt it was in the student’s and instructor’s best interest to have a trained third party involved in the meeting to be sure that the process is handled fairly and ensure that the student is encouraged to discuss the alleged violation of academic integrity with the instructor.