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Oklahoma State University


Forms A & B or C must be received by the Academic Integrity Coordinator in order for the change to be official.

Academic Integrity Violation Notification Form (A)
Given to student when alleged violation is discovered. Send a copy to the Academic Integrity Coordinator prior to the Resloution Meeting.

Academic Integrity Resolution Forms Completed by instructor, student, & Academic Integrity Facilitator after their meeting. Send a copy to the Academic Intrgrity Coordinator at the conclusion of the Resolution Meeting.

Admonition Form (B)

Violation Form (C)  

Academic Integrity Appeal Form (D) Completed and turned in to 101 Whitehurst within five days of the resolution meeting. A written statement explaining the basis for the appeal must accompany the appeal form.

Decision Appeal Form (F) The student may submit a written request for a final appeal before the Appeals Panel if new information becomes available after the hearing that could substantially affect the outcome or if the academic integrity procedure was not followed.